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As a parent in Chicago, you've probably taken the new parenting classes at NMH or another hospital. You've done the research & prepared as much as you can. To a certain extent, you can only do so much.

But, are your child's caregivers prepared? Grandparents, friends, babysitters & nannies need the same training.

Knowledge is key in preventing injury. Safety Squad knows first hand the hazards and dangers that exist. As firefighters & paramedics, we see the tragedies that can happen when the well intentioned are unprepared.

Often simple changes can change outcomes and save lives. If all caregivers were trained, much heartache could be avoided.

To give you the peace of mind you desire, we've created Baby Safety Essentials (BaSE Camp) to empower all caregivers. Our goal is to avoid the emergency altogether by focusing on actual products you as parents use. We teach your caregivers the correct techniques and skills for keeping baby safe while you are away. If accidents do happen, we prepare caregivers to act and react quickly and effectively.

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